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More About Coven of Satan Ministries Inc.

Our expectation is that everyone uphold the highest of standards of Covenism; conduct, personally and professionally, in accordance with the Coven Ethos:

Coven Ethos

¹ Life has no great meaning by itself, nor does it need to.

² Life is worth living; Pursue happiness persistently.

³ Be mindful of the consequences of your actions and recognize that you must take responsibility for them.

⁴ Sharpening one’s mind is more useful than sharpening one’s sword.

⁵ Reason, science and compassion in all things.

⁶ Be willing to alter your beliefs with new evidence.

⁷ There is no one right way to live.

⁸ A person is the final authority over themselves.

⁹ Leave the world a better place than you found it.

¹⁰ Death is the end, not a beginning.

According to this Ethos, we founded our deeply held, original belief system, “Covenism”

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A deeply held religious belief that incorporates Satanism, Atheism, Wicca, Paganism and other Left-Hand paths. Covenism is practiced in tight-knit groups by individuals that gather regularly. Covenism is a ritual based practice; it incorporates religious ritual and ritualistic Writings/Art as part of it's ideology.

Covenists believe that the highest power is one's self and that compassion intertwined  with reason is the highest form of enlightenment.  Compassion and reason can serve not only others,  but also oneself.

Science is an important part of a Covenists existence. Without a reasonable scientific understanding of our universe, one becomes subject to believing misinformation and other inaccuracies.

Personal freedoms are paramount to a practicing Covenist. Autonomy calls for the path within and without oneself to be free of unnatural obstacles. No law shall stop a Covenist from being authentic and true to their own hearts and minds.

Covenism is most closely described as an agnostic Left-Hand religious path. Covenists are diverse as are their personal beliefs and intentions. Covenism brings these many individual paths and beliefs and guides them with the Ethos.

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